Spooky sPODers and PUMP-kins

by Leighann on October 15, 2010


Pump-kins and SPODersLast year we were inspired to create tree ornaments using deactivated OmniPods. (Read Holiday Decorating With Medical Waste for images and a tutorial.)

I had a sudden flash of inspiration as we were counting out 50 used pods to be placed in our Eco-Pod recycling package. You only recycle 50 pods at a time and we had over 60. Why not create some Halloween decorations with the remaining baker’s dozen?

A quick trip to the craft store and I had everything we needed. Following the same general steps as we did with our tree ornaments, I had a prototype in no time.

The result? Spooky sPODers and PUMP-kins.


  • Used pods
  • Acrylic paint (black for spiders, orange for pumpkins)
  • Small foam paint brushes
  • Adhesive-backed felt
  • Thin ribbon (black for spiders, green for pumpkins), optional
  • Googly eyes
  • Sharpie or paint marker
  • Pompoms (black for spiders), optional


  1. Prep the pods by removing the adhesive pad, snipping cannula, and wiping with alcohol if the surface is not clean (we use baby oil during removal and it makes them slick).
  2. Trace the pods onto adhesive backed felt and cut out. (Save for step 8.)
  3. Apply two coats of acrylic paint using the foam brushes, letting them dry between coats.
  4. Cut equal lengths of ribbon if you want your decorations to have hangers.
  5. Loop the ribbon and attach to the back of the pod, securing with a piece of tape.
  6. For the spiders, attach lengths of pipe cleaners using tape.
  7. For the pumpkins, attach a small piece of green pipe cleaner at theĀ  top for the stem using tape.
  8. Remove backing and place felt on the back of the pod covering the ribbon loop and legs.
  9. For the spiders, glue eyes near the top of the pod where the window is. Optionally, glue a large black pompom for the spider’s body.
  10. For the pumpkins, use a Sharpie to draw the facial features and vertical lines if desired.

Pump-kins and SPODersPump-kins and SPODersPump-kins and SPODersPump-kins and SPODersPump-kins and SPODersPump-kins and SPODersPump-kins and SPODersPump-kins and SPODersPump-kins and SPODers

If you included the ribbon hanger on the decorations, you can hang them on windows using small suction cups or create a Halloween tree using a small Christmas tree.

Insulet should hire me as Director of Crafting Creativity!

If you make these decorations, please share them with us. Include a link to your blog post in the comments. Additionally, send a photo to leighann (at) d-mom (dot) com and I will create a gallery of Halloween Pod Awesomeness. And if you blog about it, please link back to this tutorial. Much appreciated!

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