Stomach Reveal

by Leighann on November 10, 2009


Madeline’s Stomach Reveal

While we were recently reading the original Madeline, two things struck me.

First, the two times my daughter has been hospitalized since her diagnosis, she thought it a vacation of sorts. With everyone doting on her. One-on-one time with parents. The playroom. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed, with the TV on!

It’s no wonder Madeline’s meilleures amies also wanted their appendixes taken out.

(And no, it wasn’t a vacation, the IV’s and injections, poking and prodding, peeing in a hat, and more were not fun. But she makes lemonade out of lemons.)

Q's Stomach

Q’s Stomach Reveal

Second, the image of Madeline showing off her scar is a scene I have witnessed again and again over the past few weeks.

Since beginning the insulin pump, my daughter Q proudly shows her stomach to any halfway interested party and begins her spiel:

Do you know what it does? It gives me medicine.

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1 Leighann of D-Mom Blog November 12, 2009 at 6:58 am

Cheryl- I've heard similar rumors,but I can't remember where now. I haven't seen anything on their site about the size reduction.

I had heard that by the end of the year they would be reduced in size by about a third. They will be the same footprint, but not as thick. I hope what we are hearing is true. They are a bit clunky, especially on a little kid.I also heard that they will automatically start sending the new ones out when they are on the market.


2 Cheryl November 12, 2009 at 6:35 am

I heard through the grapevine that come spring the Pod is going to be half the size it is now. Still holding up to 200 units.


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