StripSafely Edition of Diabetes Art Day

by Leighann on August 26, 2013

Last week I explained why the StripSafely campaign is important to me: Because dosing insulin for a child with type 1 diabetes using test strips that aren’t accurate can have serious affects on blood sugars.

You can see the photo I took last week representing the 89 blood sugar tests we did in the week that Q was without her CGM. Today the artwork I share with you is a graphic representation of the monotony of numbers that we deal with day in and day out as we deal with diabetes. These are those 89 blood sugar tests.

Without the CGM, Q had the lowest blood sugar she has had in over five years since her diagnosis with type 1 diabetes and also some of the highest numbers. You’ll notice the numbers in blue are ones that I did not trust to be accurate and I asked Q to wash her hands and test again.

Unfortunately we didn’t have red paint in the house, because I did intend another meaningful layer. But in the interest of sharing on the actual day of the special edition of Diabetes Art Day, just imagine the blood drops. Q volunteered her own blood, but I politely declined.

(The story of why we were without the CGM is coming soon!)

Diabetes Art Day Test Strips

How can you help?

Check out the StripSafely website where you can find a draft letter as well as contact information for your representatives.

Tweet about the issue using hashtag #stripsafely.

You can also create artwork featuring test strips (see my photo above) or reflecting your thoughts about test strip accuracy for a special addition of Diabetes Art Day on August 26, 2013.

Diabetes Art Day StripSafelyAnd Another Thing…

StripSafely Website

Diabetes Art Day Website

StripSafely and a Special Edition of Diabetes Art Day

Go Wash Those Hands!

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