{Our Story} The Student Becomes the Teacher

by Leighann on January 30, 2013

Sometimes when it’s time to perform (the seemingly hundred) diabetes tasks each day, I just drag my feet…and I’m not even the one with diabetes!

When her pump beeps at us (beep beep, beep beep) telling us it’s about to expire, sometimes I just say, “Yeah, yeah. I hear ya. I’ll get to you in a while.”

(It alarms at the 72 hour mark, but you actually have 80 hours.)

On this particular busy day I just didn’t have it in me. I think we went an hour past the first beep beep, beep beep. As I got out a new pod and alcohol swab (Why they don’t come packaged with an alcohol swab, I’ll never know!) and grabbed her PDM and insulin from her pump bag, I decided to let Q do most of the steps.

One of her goals/triumphs at diabetes camp last year was doing her own pod change. It was high time she did it again!

Not that she needs the responsibility of doing her own pod changes at eight, but knowledge is power, people.

Starting OmniPodStarting OmniPodStarting OmniPod

She wanted this one on the back of her arm, so I put it into place and held it as she went through the screen of the PDM to tell it to insert, but other than that, she did everything. She even used the syringe to give Lenny an injection before tossing it in the sharps container.

What amazed me was that she barely had any bubbles in the syringe when she drew out the insulin. I always have a gazillion bubbles and have to whack it with a pen to get them to the top and out. I think from now on I’ll have her draw out the insulin.

The student becomes the teacher.

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