{Food} The Chocolate Bunny

by Leighann on March 27, 2012

Chocolate Easter Bunny

Sugar-Free Chocolate Easter Bunny


Chocolate Easter Bunny

Regular Chocolate Easter Bunny

I always find it interesting with each holiday, because there seems to be candy associated with each and every holiday, that there is an entire selection of sugar-free candy in the holiday aisle. While waiting for a prescription to be ready at my local Walgreens, I perused the Easter aisle and picked up a few treats for the annual scavenger hunt in our back yard. I noticed the sugar-free chocolate bunny right next to his full sugar brother and flipped the packages over out of curiosity. Of course I had no intention of buying the SF guy, and every intention on buying the regular one.

I was actually a bit shocked at how many grams of sugar alcohols there were in the SF guy.

A little quick diabetes math and I see that the carb factor of the SF one is 0.563 and that of the regular is 0.581, which is barely higher. When Q gets a chocolate bunny at Easter I usually write the carb factor on the package because she will break off a small piece to have with a meal over the next few days. (And just a note, the bowl of Valentine candy is still sitting on our counter, barely any of it eaten by the kids.)

A serving of the sugar-free bunny weighing 50 grams has 28 carbs, but you are getting 25 grams of sugar alcohols!

A serving of the regular bunny weighing 50 grams has 29 carbs and no sugar alcohols.

Which is the better choice?

My vote is for the regular one because sugar alcohols can cause upset tummies, especially for smaller kids.

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1 Michelle Gonzalez March 27, 2012 at 8:58 am

Sounds like our house. We never buy anything sugar free but the kids rarely eat the sugary stuff much anyway so I often end up throwing most of the candy in the garbage after a few months.


2 Dawn March 27, 2012 at 9:11 am

I bought the regular chocolate bunny but went for the sugar-free Peeps (and yes, they have a lot of sugar alcohol also) for my daugher.


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