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by Leighann on November 23, 2015

As Seen On D-Mom BlogTallygear DexCom G4/G5 Share CGM Wallet

Ever since getting a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), Q has usually worn the receiver in a waist pack. She’s a big fan of Too Sweet Boutique and has them in lots of colors and designs. When she’s wearing a dress she always wears “playground shorts” underneath (not related to diabetes) and just hikes up her dress when she needs to look at her CGM. She also likes the Tallygear case that she can wear on a lanyard or clip to a belt loop.

Because she had to self-manage for three weeks at camp this summer and because she needs to communicate with us more during middle school, we handed down an iPhone to her. And that’s one more “thing” that she now has to carry.

This summer I knew we would be doing a lot of sightseeing in Washington DC after our days spent at JDRF Children’s Congress. Usually when we go on excursions we carry a backpack and shove her diabetes supply bag in it in addition to snacks, water, etc. I wanted Q to be able to carry her CGM receiver as well as her phone.

We received a Tallygear DexCom Wallet that fits the dex receiver in the front to be viewed through the clear window and fits an iPhone in the back. It has two carabiner clips so that it can be clipped to her belt loops, but also an optional shoulder strap so she can wear it cross body.

Q began middle school this year and I figured she would want a more discreet way to carry her dex receiver rather than hiking up her dresses! I like that this can clip this to her belt loops when she’s wearing pants or shorts. She has also clipped it to her supply bag.

She says it can be a bit heavy when it has both the phone and dex in it. But what are you going to do? (And that’s a criticism of having to carry both a phone and dex, not of the Tallygear case.)

We are always looking for alternative ways to carry her diabetes supplies and keep her DexCom receiver on her. We haven’t upgraded to the dex G5 yet, but when we do she can continue using this case to carry her phone and maybe a stash of Smarties.

Tallygear has several different cases that hold the DexCom both by itself or in combination with an iPhone or Nightscout rig.

You can purchase the DexCom G4/G5 CGM Wallet from Tallygear.


Wearing the Tallygear CGM Wallet using the optional cross body strap.

Tallygear 2

Wearing the Tallygear CGM Wallet using the carabiners to clip it to her belt loops.

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