Target Cafe Nutritional Information Brochure

by Leighann on February 17, 2012

Target Cafe Nutrition Guide

Updated January 2016!

Please remember that I never give medical advice and I am not responsible for the accuracy of the nutritional information presented here.

A number of people happen upon D-Mom Blog looking for Target Cafe nutritional information.

Q and I are huge fans of Target cafe and often stop off for a meal or snack when we are running errands. Never mind the fact that the pretzels have a gazillion spike-inducing carbs.

When we are there I usually grab one of their brochures and look up the carbs for the meal and then return the brochure to it’s spot so as not to deplete their stock for the next carb-counting person who comes along.

I haven’t been able to find this information on their website.

So on one of our last shopping excursions I kept a brochure so that I could share it with you. This brochure is dated 2/1/2015 and obtained in January 2016 and as far as I know is the most current version.

You can download this PDF and save them to your computer, iBooks, or other apps on your phone to have with you when you are on the go. Just click and it will download:

Target Nutritional Guide 2/1/2015

And here are images (but if you are going to download, I’d recommend the PDF above):

Target Nutritional Guide 2015 Page 1Target Nutritional Guide 2015 Page 2Target Nutritional Guide 2015 Page 3Target Nutritional Guide 2015 Page 4

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1 Heather Fisher February 17, 2012 at 9:51 am

I don’t understand why restaurants/cafes etc. don’t put a poster up with a QR code that links to their nutritional information. How hard is that? I mean they would have an instant way for folks like us to discreetly but immediately gain access to the information and not chance them not having the printed brochures “in stock.” I realize not everyone has a cell phone (WHAT?!) but those of us who do and the QR scanner is a FREE app… why not make it easy and then you don’t get those idiots rolling their eyes as you when you ordered a diet drink and a meal with fries… Um, I *can* eat that I just have to adjust a dose…duh. I did get one guy tell me um we don’t have any printed up and the computers frozen so I can’t print you one. You can borrow this one but you have to give it back. Um, I don’t want it forever either….


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