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by Leighann on December 27, 2010

What’s one thing that us parents of children with diabetes have in common? Yes, we are all overtired. I like a hot drink in the morning to wake me up. But mornings are such a rush that I don’t always get it. Couple that with the fact that I’m the only coffee drinker in the house. If only my husband was a coffee drinker because maybe there would be a pot of coffee waiting for me in the morning!

(In all honesty, even suggesting that he make me coffee in the morning is asking for more than my share. I am lucky that he makes the kids breakfast and readies Q’s backpack for the day while I take a hot shower in peace and quiet.)

Bosch asked if I would like to try the new Tassimo by Bosch T20 Single Serve Coffee Brewer. Single serve coffee, tea, and hot cocoa. Yes, please.

There is a Starbucks near my son’s preschool, but my decaf white chocolate mocha and a slice of pumpkin loaf sets me back over $6 a pop, ouch. Not to mention it doesn’t help with the waistline!

When I took the coffeemaker out of the box, my husband said, “Hey, isn’t that the coffeemaker that’s a robot?” I guess he’d seen this video:

I’ve been using the new TASSIMO T20 by Bosch for about 2 weeks now and I’m totally loving it.

My sister really, really wanted one for Christmas and I debated passing it along to her, but I decided that at this point, I’m really not willing to part with it! Now the debate is whether to leave it at home or take it into work.


I’m usually completely rushed and running behind in the morning, but I have managed each morning, even on school and work days, to get a coffee made for myself and into a travel mug. I plan on ordering the tea discs and making my own iced tea.

The cost per serving varies, but it’s definitely less expensive than ordering coffee from Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or McDonald’s, especially if you like specialty drinks. Plus you aren’t tempted like me to add that pumpkin loaf to your order!

For one-cup-a-day drinkers like myself, this is a great way to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea without having to brew an entire pot and allows yourself the variety of having many choices. I used to have a cappuccino maker and believe me, The Tassimo T20 makes cappuccinos easy peasy!

I found that the froth on the Starbucks Cappuccino Primo was just perfect and I liked that I could add a bit more water at the end of my espresso. (You have 20 seconds to add more water at the end of a brewing cycle though I wish that there wasn’t a time limit because sometimes I got distracted and missed my window.)

For those counting carbs, if I recall correctly, the Starbucks Primo Cappucino was only 3 grams of carbs. The bad news is that the nutrition info for each of the T-discs is on the outer wrapper that you throw away and is not also listed on the inner boxes that the discs are stored in. And I cannot find the nutritional info on Tassimo’s website, nor on Amazon where I ordered some refills.

And the bar code technology is pretty cool. It tells the machine exactly how to make the drink each time.

Now, if only the Tassimo T20 would get up at 2:00 am and check blood sugars!

Bosch Tassimo T20

Bosch Tassimo T20

Bosch Tassimo T20


I looked at Target for refills and they had a variety of the refills, but not the ones I wanted. I wanted decaf cappuccino or lattes. If you want some of the more common varieties, I think you’d be in luck at one of your local stores, but if you want something a little more unusual, you’ll probably end up ordering from Amazon or from the company’s site.

When I ordered refills from Amazon, I did receive a discount (see below) and since my total purchase was over $25 including other items, I received free shipping.

If you make a milky drink (cappuccino, latte, hot cocoa) you’ll have to do a cleaning cycle which creates a couple more minutes of work for yourself. It’s not a huge deal because you just put an empty mug on the platform and run a cycle using the cleaning disc that is stored in the back of the unit.

Another con is that there is a bit excess packaging waste. The discs create waste (twice the waste if you are making a milk drink with 2 discs). Is this more waste than if you bought a drink at Starbucks and got a throw away cup and a sleeve and had to use gas to get yourself there? I don’t know. But it’s a trade off that you’ll have to be willing to make.

And the biggest con is probably the $129.99 price tag. Maybe the technology to instantly make super hot water isn’t cheap. My husband wondered if it is similar to tankless water heaters. This does seem like a quality product and I know many small appliances are this expensive. That being said, I’m am really enjoying my morning coffee!

Product Description (from Tassimo)

  • Better brewing by design TASSIMO is a brewing system unlike any other; Remarkable in its ability to offer an exceptional combination of quality, convenience, consistency and versatility, only TASSIMO offers a choice of coffee
  • Variety enjoy over 40 beverage varieties from 12 distinct brands. Choose from coffee, cappuccinos and lattes made with real milk, cream, tea and hot chocolate; TASSIMO is the only hot beverage system to feature perfectly brewed Starbucks coffee
  • Smart Technology; unique bar code technology allows the brewer to read a bar code on each T DISC and deliver a perfect cup each and every time, each T DISC’s bar code signals to the machine the optimal amount of water and temperature required
  • Exclusive flow-through water heater for faster, quieter brewing, a Bosch exclusive feature channels the water through tight coils and heats them on contact. This heats the water extremely quickly and more efficiently than traditional methods

You can order the Tassimo by Bosch T20 Single Serve Coffee Brewer from my affiliate Barnes & Noble or purchase it at a variety of retailers.


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Bosch sent me a Tassimo T20 for editorial consideration. I have an affiliate relationship with Barnes & Noble and receive a small commission on purchases. Monetary compensation was not received and opinions are my own. Please read my disclosure statement.

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