Teens First, Diabetes Second*

by Leighann on July 9, 2012

Kids First Diabetes Second BookWhen I recently attended the Children With Diabetes Friends For Life conference, there was a common issue that I heard parents lament about over and over: teens.

Don’t let the cover of my book Kids First, Diabetes Second fool you. Its not just about preschool and elementary aged children. In fact I think the teen chapter is among the strongest in the book.

Do I have a teen?

No. Not yet.

But I know lots of wonderful d-parents who do!

By way of interviewing parents of T1 teens and collegiates, as well some teens who were willing to share their perspectives, I think you will find that I’ve touched upon some of the most important topics that your teens will face and that you will face as their parents. In the chapter titled “Teen Talk” I cover:

  • Moving toward independence, including tips for the transition
  • Wearing it proudly
  • Peer groups
  • Driving
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Hormones and sex
  • College
  • Diabulimia (a wonderful sidebar from therapist Lee Ann Thill)
  • And more!

As my daughter grows up–which is unfortunately inevitable–I will of course begin writing about helping her be a tween first, and then a teen first, as we navigate this world with diabetes.

If you already have a tween or teen, I encourage you to read the very candid and informative “Teen Talk” chapter in Kids First, Diabetes Second. Hopefully you will gain some insights into how to help your kid manage the teen years while also managing diabetes.

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*Teens First, Diabetes Second TM is a phrase trademarked by Leighann Calentine and D-Mom Media.

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1 Lori Lacker July 10, 2012 at 9:35 pm

My husband Jeff and I have an almost 14 year old (July 28 is his bday) and we would like to chat some time!!


2 Jennifer July 11, 2012 at 8:12 pm

I purchased your book because I thoroughly enjoy the info you share and thought it would be good read as a type 1 parent. I do have a teen, who was diagnosed as a teen (3 years ago when she was 14) and am going right now to read that teen chapter. Thanks for your amazing dedication to sharing all you know!


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