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by Leighann on December 2, 2010

On Sibling of a D-Kid Day, I of course wrote about Q’s little brother R. I included a bunch of photos, several of which were of the two of them together.

One photo needs a little more explanation:

sibling 3

That’s right, he’s a super hero and a cheerleader too.

This photo was taken on the day of our annual ADA Step Out Walk to Fight Diabetes.

R put on his “Team Super Q” shirt like the rest of the family. R put on his super hero cape that we each wear in her honor.

When we finished the first lap around the park, the cheerleaders for our local university were there cheering everyone on. They did a cheer that included “Go Team Super Q!” which delighted and awed Q because how did they know her name?!

(I didn’t tell her that they could read her shirt!)

ADA Step Out WalkQ told them that she goes to all the games and knows their cheers. They let her grab the pompoms and do their signature cheer which spells out the team name. It was a thrilling moment for her and probably the highlight of the entire walk day.

And then comes along her brother who had been walking behind us with his grandparents.

“I want to cheer too.”

And he did. Though he didn’t quite get all of the letters right. But boy did he love the pompoms. And do you know what he loved even more than that?

When the female cheerleader said he could have a kiss, he took her cheeks in his hands and went right for the kisser!

The male cheerleaders laughed and I said “He knows what he wants!”

ADA Step Out WalkADA Step Out WalkADA Step Out Walk

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1 Cindy December 2, 2010 at 7:59 am

Adorable! A little ladies man already!


2 annie December 2, 2010 at 8:58 am

So Cute!


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