Funny Diabetes T-Shirts From the Sugar Shop for Your T1D

by Leighann on September 18, 2017

Summary: Here are six funny diabetes t-shirts to poke fun at non-functioning pancreases.

I think that humor is a great way to get through the difficult things in life. And if you can’t laugh at yourself (or your broken pancreas!!), then maybe you need to lighten up some of the burden.

I saw Isa, who we met at JDRF Children’s Congress in 2015, sporting a shirt that read, “Make my pancreas great again.” I knew I needed to get that shirt for Q, who may or may not already own 1,500 t-shirts.

But when we went to The Sugar Store to look for the shirt, we found about half a dozen shirts that Q claims she needs. What’s cool is that you can choose the style and color for each shirt when you order.

Here are our top six:

Make My Pancreas Great Again
Make My Pancreas Great Again T-Shirt

Zombies Ate My Pancreas
Zombies Ate My Pancreas T-Shirt


Typeonediabetesaurus T-Shirt

Peace Out, Pancreas

Peace out Pancreas T-Shirt

Not Cool Pancreas, Not Cool
Not Cool Pancreas Not Cool T-Shirt

“Eh, Nah” – My Pancreas
Eh nah T-Shirt

Now I just have to pick one or two to order her for Christmas. Though the Zombie shirt might be nice for Halloween.

Do you have a great idea for a diabetes t-shirt? You can create and sell your own designs on TeePublic, which is pretty cool! Let me know if you do.

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