The Yo-Yo Effect

by Leighann on July 5, 2009

I’m awoken in the night.

“She’s at one.”

“What do you mean she’s at one?”

“She’s at ONE.”

“Get the cake icing.”

I go to her bed and feel for her in the dark. She is in the corner, as still as can be. I take her jaw in my hand and start oozing bright yellow, super sweet cake icing into her cheek.

I’m awoken in the night. I had only been dreaming. But I sat upright in bed. I asked my husband to go check on our daughter. She was just fine. Her number typical for 4:00 am.

We had adjusted her correction the week before trying to bring her back down from slight high’s a little more quickly. It seems like it takes her a few mealtimes to come back into the 100’s after being in the 200’s. A little more fast acting insulin may do the trick. But more insulin could swing her too far, too quickly. Yo-yo-ing up and down.

We’ll try this new correction for a while and see how it goes, fine tuning if necessary.

We had been at the pool the day before. Morning swim lessons hadn’t seem to be affecting her blood sugars. But our nurse had advised me in a recent phone call that she get 15 grams of carbs for every hour of swimming.

We had lunch and headed off.

We splashed in the baby pool for a while. Before heading to the lazy river, I handed her a “fruit smoosher” (13 carbs). Twice we went down the slide, plunging into the river and slowly drifting around in large circles. We went to the deep water and practiced front and back glides, floating, and paddling. We returned to her brother and daddy in the baby pool and I decided to check her finger.


Not good.

I retrieved a juice box, which she slurped down quickly, wanting to return to the warm water.

She felt fine so I let her skip back to the water.

After about 15 minutes I coerced her out of the water to check her again.

Low 100’s.


As we left the pool a bit later, she was still very hungry (severe hunger is her signal that she’s going low). I handed her a tiny box of raisins (11 g).

Later as we laid together on the sofa watching Tinkerbell, she told me she was still hungry. I retrieved five Letter of the Day cookies for her (about 8 grams carbs). It was still an hour until dinner time.

It is too easy to overcompensate for a low, sending sugars well above their range again.

She fell asleep, head in my lap, as the fairy finally made it back to the mainland.

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