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by Leighann on September 5, 2011

Too Sweet Boutique

Q has the OmniPod insulin pump, so she does not have to carry her PDM with her all the time, unlike insulin pumps with tubing which are always connected. Many children (and adults) with traditional pumps with tubing like to wear a waist pouch to hold the pump. But who wants to look like you’re wearing an 80’s fanny pack, right?

When I saw the Too Sweet Boutique insulin pump pouches I thought that they were absolutely adorable and I loved that you could personalize them by choosing the prints and even monogramming.

I told the owner Amy (Amy was a Featured D-Mom not long ago) that Q is very into Hello Kitty these days and to make it however she saw fit. I had trust in her that it would be cute. And it was!

Starting with the great packing (see the image above), you can tell that Amy takes pride in her handiwork. She also sews each and every pump pouch that is ordered through her site. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and attention to detail.

Because it was so cute, Q wore it to school the next several days with her PDM in the one pouch and her lancing device and test strips in the add-on pouch. (Because she doesn’t have to have the PDM physically on her, at school she puts her “pump bag” on the bookshelf in her classroom so that everyone knows where it is.)

Q had the idea that it would be good for her to wear it herself on bike rides in the neighborhood. And when she ran the kids’ race at the local marathon, we loaded it up with Smarties and glucose tabs in case she were to go low.

On a recent trip to the endocrinologist, we went to the City Museum. That place can get a little hectic and it’s easy to get separated from your child in the tunnels and mazes. Q wore her Too Sweet Boutique pouch on her waist with a few Smarties. I instructed her that if we got separated and she felt low that she could go ahead and have some Smarties until we were reunited.

Ironically with all the activity, she did go low at the City Museum. But we never got separated from one another for more than a minute or two.

(And what was funny is that on FB the next day another D-Mom said her husband saw a mom checking her daughter’s blood sugar at the museum…that was us!)

The funny thing was at the endo the next day, a couple of nurses commented on how cute her wasist pack was and that they should make something like that for kids who have pumps. I exclaimed “They do! It is!”

Amy has just added Tea Garden Meter Bag and I can’t wait to get my hands on one. But it’s temporarily out of stock…drat!

Purchase insulin pump pouches for both boys and girls and the new meter bag from Too Sweet Boutique.

Too Sweet Boutique BoyToo Sweet Boutique Girl

*Bottom two images courtesy of Too Sweet Boutique.

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1 jenni@talkinghairdryer September 5, 2011 at 3:28 pm

We have a tea cup bag and LURVE it! It goes everywhere with us. It’s small enough to throw in my purse, or for Brooke or me to wear it on our wrist. It went to camp with us this summer and it’s what we carried all. day. By the end of the 2nd day, everyone knew it was Brooke’s and that it had her very important stuff in it and they all helped us keep up with it. Many friends at church recognize it as well.


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