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by Leighann on December 12, 2010

Even though numbers consume us every minute of the day, only about once a month do I take a look at my stats to see what my popular posts were and how people came to visit D-Mom Blog. I realized that it might be valuable to share some of this with you. Maybe you missed a moving post or didn’t realize there was a great resource. Or maybe you are a new reader (welcome!). Without further ado, here is the top content from the past month.

Blog Posts

Something Stinks: The Onion tried to make a joke about joke about Jay Cutler, but did they take it too far where our children with diabetes are concerned?

Dreamland Uninterruptus: It is amazing what we parents do so that the burden falls on us and not our children. It is amazing the knowledge we gain to literally keep our children alive. There is never a pat on the back for us or an “atta girl” but we do it, day in and day out rarely complaining when we have every right to.

6 Things About Diabetes: Q’s Perspective: The 6th annual D-Blog Day topic is “6 things I want you to know about diabetes.” I turn the mic over to Q and let her tell her six things.

D-Mom Tested: PJ’s For the Cure: Komar PJ’s for the Cure are not only soft, cute pajamas without flame retardants, but the entire purchase price is donated to JDRF.

Not a Dry Eye: I have only had a few moments when I have been truly scared in the past two and a half years. Read why George Simmons made me cry.

The Flu (Part 1): On a Dime: A child with diabetes can be affected by the umpteenth degree by the minor colds and flu that go around, sometimes sending them to the emergency room.

Happy Pump Anniversary!: We recently celebrated one year of using the insulin pump. See a video of our first meal with the pump instead of injections.

Perpetually Popular

New Abbott Freestyle Test Strips: Abbott has announced new FreeStyle test strips that work in all of their meters and have new ZipWik technology. Word on the street is that prescriptions are beginning to be filled with these.

Free Diabetes Necklace: Though my daughter has two engraved, personalized medical ID bracelets from Lauren’s Hope, here is a free diabetes bracelet that might be helpful to attach to her medical supply bag or backpack.

Ketone Testing: You can lead a child with diabetes to ketone strips, but you can’t make her pee. We are converts to the blood ketone meter to help manage high blood sugar levels at school and at home.

Back-to-School: 504 Plan: The summer is coming to a close and the first day of school is nearing. The back-to-school checklist for children with diabetes includes much more than crayons, glue sticks, and a new backpack. Is your child’s 504 Plan in order?

Mother’s Intuition: Our three-year-old showed classic symptoms of Type 1 diabetes (extreme thirst, frequent urination, weight loss) following a minor illness.


Snack Foods: Listing of snack foods including carb counts and portion sizes.

Blogroll: D-Mom Blog boasts the most comprehensive listing of blogs written by parents of diabetic chidren.

Diabetes 365: Photos taken as part of the Diabetes 365 photo project illustrating that diabetes never takes a day off.

Referring Sites

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Twitter: I’m @DMomBlog

ADA Community

The News Gazette: Mom Makes Sure Life is Sweet for Her Diabetic Child


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