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by Leighann on January 7, 2014

D-Mom Blog Type 1 Tuesday
Here are a few items I’ve come across that I thought I would share with D-Mom Blog readers.

Xeris Starts Phase 2 Trial on Stabilized Glucagon, Awarded NIH Grant for Glucagon Mini Dose Pen

(Via DiaTribe) I’ve long been saying that we need a simplified way to give glucagon, meaning that we need a shelf-stable, pre-mixed form of glucagon that would be easier for caregivers (school staff!) to administer since there are so many steps. Also, loving that they will have a mini-glucagon version for treating moderately low blood sugars.

We Need Parents of Children and Teenagers Between Ages 8-16 with Type 1 Diabetes for at least six months to Participate in a Study!

Here is a study that is being conducted by a PhD student to look at ” the relationship between any parental stress in caring for a child with Type 1 Diabetes (T1DM), and different parenting styles, and parental perception of their child’s compliance with the diabetes regimen.”

The diabetes online community: the importance of forum use in parents of children with type 1 diabetes

“Results of this study suggest that parents who use T1D forums mirror those who participate in clinic-based research protocols and are primarily motivated to participate in forums to increase their diabetes knowledge and gain social support. Indeed, parents who use T1D forums report high levels of trust, social support, and perceived knowledge gained. However, FM was positively related to increased self-reported parenting stress frequency and hypoglycemic fear behaviors.”

Interesting study. I’m not surprised about the fear factor, quite honestly. If it weren’t for social media (Facebook, in particular), I bet we would never (or rarely) hear about deaths of people with diabetes. I don’t know that deaths have increased (in fact I would guess that life expectancy has increased with the tools made available in the past two decades), but social media lets us know about them way more than we would if we were offline.

Diabetes Forecast Consumer Guide 2014

The 2014 guide from Diabetes Forecast has downloadable PDF charts to compare things like meters, pumps, and CGM’s. Might be helpful if you are shopping for a new device. Though I thought it was *really* old school that they talk exclusively about urine ketone testing. The meter guide does indicate which meters also check for ketones, but I feel that any discussion of ketones should include the option of blood ketone testing. I look to Diabetes Forecast to be ahead of the game, but that that was very anitquated.

Lilly Diabetes Disney Books

I know it’s been difficult for some people to get their hands on the Lilly Diabetes Disney books for children and teens. They now have digital versions of the books available on the Spoonful website. One is the first Coco book and they other two are tween/teen ESPN books one with a female character and one with a male character. Too bad these can’t be downloaded to eReaders!

Bears sign Jay Cutler to seven-year contract

I don’t personally watch football, but Jay Cutler, quarterback for the Chicago Bears, lives with type 1 diabetes. Glad to see another high level athlete not let it hold him back.

Have you read or heard anything interesting lately?

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