Type 1 Tuesday: 01.18.11

by Leighann on January 18, 2011

D-Mom Blog Type 1 Tuesday

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Here are some of my favorite posts I have read recently:

Scott Benner of Arden’s Day The Fall (I often wonder what it feels like for Q when she’s dropping. Sometimes she tells me she feels low and she’s in the low 100’s. I bet she’s feeling it before it is reflected in her BG number.)

Stacey of Stacey Simms Blog You’re Not Helping (Slurp!) (Stacey is right on here. I came across a similar product recently that I’ll be telling you about soon. What do you think? Junk food in disguise or better alternative to junk food?)

Fooducate Exclusive: Is the ADA Dropping its Corporate Sponsors? (Do you think it’s hypocritical for the ADA and other similar organizations to allow sponsorship from companies that contribute to the problem?)

Kris Bordessa of Geek Mom, Published on BlogHer Sticker Shock: What the Stickers on Fruit are Telling You (I try to buy organic veggies when possible, though sometimes it’s cost prohibitive. Find out how to tell more about the fruits you buy just by looking at that little sticker.)

Toyfoto of Ittybits and Pieces We Need to Believe (The number of children killed by guns in the US each year is staggering to say the least. What has to happen for us to make them more safe?)

The Pioneer Woman Recipe Redux: Quesadillas de Camarones (I make cheese quesadillas all the time. The kids love them! I haven’t had a chance to make this recipe, but I used her butter-in-the-pan tip and I was amazed at the difference.)

Featured Vlogs of the Week

I think there may be better ways of going about this, and the camerawork leaves a bit to be desired, but how many times have you wanted to take a hammer to your failed diabetes supplies?

This has absolutely nothing to do with diabetes, but it’s pretty frickin’ funny. I don’t have fur pillows, nor do I know where to get a marble conference table. Sorry, Kanye.

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1 Lee Ann Thill January 18, 2011 at 8:58 am

I saw something about that Pepsi liquid fruit thing, I think on the Colbert Report, and just rolled my eyes. I’m with you, Leighann. That’s junk, and if I had kids, I wouldn’t bring that crap into my house, let alone allow my kids to consume it. If you want to have more fruit, eat a piece of fruit. BTW, if you haven’t seen the piece Colbert did, I thought it was hilarious.


2 Leighann January 18, 2011 at 9:13 am

Ooh, checking it out!

Admittedly, we do occasionally buy drinkable organic applesauce pouches for trips and sports.

But boy, Pepsi is just trying to make a buck and tap a market of (maybe not so well informed) moms who are trying to make healthier choices for their kids.


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