Type 1 Tuesday: 02.08.11

by Leighann on February 8, 2011

D-Mom Blog Type 1 Tuesday

Here are some of my favorite posts I have read recently.


Scott Benner of Arden’s Day My FreeStyle Test Strip Test (The FDA, OmniPod, and Abbott haven’t given the go ahead to use the new FreeStyle test strips in the OmniPod PDM. Do they work?)

Lorraine of This is Caleb OmniPod® Insulin Management System | User Review (Excellent review of the OmniPod. Nearly two years ago I watched a video of Caleb swimming with it on. Seeing his freedom brought tears to my eyes and it began my quest for the pump.)

Non-D Blogs

Eve Fox of Garden of Eating New, mostly BPA-Free Tomato Option – Not Perfect But Definitely Better

Cool Mom Picks Tie One On (I love the idea of this tea cup. Might have to buy one for my mom for her upcoming birthday. A little pricey, but it’s so unique!)


Ginger Vieira of Living in Progress Your Diabetes Pizza Restaurant (Explanation of diabetes that even a child can understand. Uses a pizza place analogy)

(Click over for video.)

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