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by Leighann on February 11, 2014

D-Mom Blog Type 1 Tuesday

Google Smart Contact LensDiabetes Forecast Telling Others About Your Child’s Diabetes

Here is an article about disclosing your child’s diabetes to others. Look for a couple of quotes from me!

Tech Crunch Google Unveils Smart Contact Lens That Lets Diabetics Measure Their Glucose Levels

Personally, I just want the DexCom to transmit to my iPhone and for all of our d-devices to be Mac-compatible. But here’s some interesting research into glucose sensing contact lenses.

MobiHealthNews Glucometers won’t be contact lenses anytime soon

A response to the Google contact lens “science project.”

(Image via re/code, but they don’t cite their source. I’m assuming the original source was Google.)

Texting My Pancreas “We Are Not Waiting”: The Tidepool/Asante Partnership.

I’d be happy just to download our pump and CGM to our Mac! But it would be great to integrate and share the data from all our devices.

JDRF UK Character with type 1 diabetes to feature in Downton Abbey?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a character with type 1 diabetes portrayed just after the discovery of insulin?

(See also Breakthrough: Elizabeth Hughes, the Discovery of Insulin, and the Making of a Medical Miracle.)

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