{Type 1 Tuesday} 02.23.16

by Leighann on February 23, 2016

Type 1 Tuesday

Here are some tidbits that I have found interesting and wanted to share…

The Insulin Racket

A couple of weeks ago I voiced my concern about increases in insulin prices and the profits of the pharma companies who make them. There was a New York Times opinion piece this past weekend called “Break Up the Insulin Racket” that discusses some of the issues. The patient referred to in the piece has type 2 diabetes, but it’s relevant to anyone who takes insulin.

Read “Break Up the Insulin Racket” on New York Times.

Read Eli Lilly Increased Profits at the Expense of People with Diabetes right here on D-Mom Blog.

The High Cost of Insulin

Mike Hoskins reached out to Lilly about the high cost of insulin and was given a pretty unsatisfactory answer. Mike details some of the issues around the pricing of insulin. It’s interesting that Lilly stock dropped within days of the earnings call announcing the price-based increase of profits.

Read “The High Cost of Insulin” on Diabetes Mine.

Discount Low BG Treatment Tips

Who just scored 4 bags of conversation hearts at 90% off? This d-mom did.

That’s 80 14-carb low blood sugar treatments for only $1.20. And they don’t expire until Nov 2017.

I always take a peek at the holiday clearance aisle to see if I can get individual candy packages at a deep discount.

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Discount Candy

ICYMI: Rufus

In case you missed it, I shared an excerpt from my book Kids First, Diabetes Second describing how Rufus the Bear with diabetes helped us out and I give some suggestions about giving kids with diabetes choices when there are choices to be made (but some things aren’t a choice, like getting an injection).

Read “Rufus…and Choices” right here on D-Mom Blog.

Rufus the bear with diabetes

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