{Type 1 Tuesday} 04.03.12

by Leighann on April 3, 2012

D-Mom Blog Type 1 Tuesday

Featured D-Blogs of the Week

Here are some of my favorite posts I have read recently:

Bennet of Your Diabetes May Vary Proud of the Kid (Watch this video of Bennet’s son Connor speaking at an ADA conference.)

Scott Benner of Arden’s Day Basal the Spike Away (One of the “diabetes variables” that I have yet to conquer is the post-breakfast Mount Everest high blood sugar spike.)

Sara of Moments of Wonderful Thank You, Diabetes Research Institute (I need to expose Q to Crystal Bowersox as a diabetes role model since Q is an aspiring singer.)

Riva Greenburg on A Sweet Life JDRF Research Summit: Toward a Cure and Better Living with Type 1 Diabetes (I would love to attend the JDRF Research Summit one of these years. Riva gives a great account of this year’s summit.)

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1 Bennet April 3, 2012 at 8:18 am

Hey! Thank for the shout out! Great to see you over the weekend. LY/MI


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