Type 1 Tuesday: 11.16.10

by Leighann on November 16, 2010

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There were so many wonderful D-Blog Day posts; 171 to be exact. And while I read many of them on my phone and tend not to leave comments from my phone (sorry!), I did leave a few comments. If you want the entire list, visit  The Diabetes Talkfest Blog.

Here are a couple of my favorites. I am trying to link to blogs and writers I haven’t linked to before on Type 1 Tuesday. No offense to those not mentioned here. I was a bit foggy that week dealing with the stomach flu, ketones, low blood sugars, and hospital visits. But that’s a story for another day.*

Jacquie Paul Wojcik of Typical Type 1: Six Things (If you ever wondered about the connection among diabetes, walruses, and sea monkeys, you need to read this one.)

Scott Strange of Strangely Diabetic: 6 things I DON’T want you to THINK you know about diabetes (We should all be given shirts at diagnosis that say these six things.)

I have had a crazy number of page hits on my post Something Stinks about The Onion’s insensitive post about Jay Cutler killing children with diabetes. I think that while many were offended, we wanted to give The Onion an opportunity to say they just didn’t think before hitting publish. They never responded to my e-mail.

Kelly of Diabeticaliciousness: The Onion Blows Their Chance To Make Things Right (See why this e-mail was a second major fail.)

NaBloPoMo 2010Read all my D-Blog Day posts.

Read all of my NaBloPoMo 2010 posts.

*Thanks to all of my Twitter and Facebook friends who gave me support as I tried not to freak out during the illness ordeal.

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