Type 1 Tuesday: 12.28.10

by Leighann on December 28, 2010

D-Mom Blog Type 1 Tuesday

Featured D-Blogs of the Week

Here are some of my favorite posts I have read recently:

Kimberly of Meal Mommy: The Frustration (Do we let kids make their own decisions about whether to be on MDI or a pump? Is she just trying to be in control of something? Offer this D-Mom a little support and encouragement. You’ll have to read her more recent posts to see what they decided.)

Lorraine of This is Caleb: Glucagon Mini-Dosing | A Valuable Tool (I asked the endo on call at 1:00 am how to do this and she didn’t have the info and dosing in front of her. Keeping this in mind for the next time we get the flu!)


Apidra® v. 140 | Sanofi-aventis (It’s always interesting to hear of new/alternative treatments. Have any of you tried Apidra?)

Amy Tenderich of Diabetes Mine: GlucaGo for Instant Hypo Treatment (Always glad to see potential improvements in the delivery system of glucagon for severe hypoglycemia.)

George Simmons of the B.A.D. Blog: Can of Worms (I keep wondering if we should find an endo closer to us. What do you think about George’s experience?)

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