Type 1 Tuesday: D-Camp Edition

by Leighann on August 24, 2010

D-Mom Blog Type 1 Tuesday

We are counting the years (yes, years) until Q gets to go to diabetes summer camp. Our local camp starts at 8 and with a late summer birthday she probably won’t make the cutoff that summer.

Have you seen the D-Mom Blog list of diabetes camps? It’s quite extensive and even includes camps in Canada in addition to those in the states.

Here are a few blog posts about children with diabetes who experienced camp this summer:

Stacey of Stacey Simms Blog: D-Camp (Camp KUDOS)

Megann of My Life with Diabetes: Diabetes Camp 2010 (Humphreys Diabetes Center Sweet Kids Day Camp)

Valerie of vmjess: Camp

Colleen Strauch of My Sweet Life: Why should you care about diabetes camp? (Harrisburg Diabetic Youth Camp)

Penny of A Sweet Grace: Camp Pros (and oh yeah, cons too) and Diabetes Camp and Diabetes Camp SWAG and The Return of Grace and Interview with a D-Camper

htimm=) of A Work in Progress: Camp and Camp Photos (Gales Creek Camp)

Jennifer of Diabetes and Then Some: Diabetes Camp: In the Majority But Not

Melancholywings of T1D Jilly Bean: Yay for Camp Stealth!!

Julie of Pump Wear: The Camping Experience (Circle of Life Camp)

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