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by Leighann on January 12, 2011

Insulin Pump Book

Stephanie of My Life as a Pancreas recently mentioned that she was reading Pumping Insulin: Everything You Need for Success on a Smart Insulin Pump in preparation of their pump start date. I have not read that particular book; I hear it’s a bit heavy. Perhaps more advanced than parents of children with diabetes really need and more for the CDE crowd.

Maybe it would help put me back to sleep at 2:00 am.

A book that was suggested to us is Understanding Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitors. It is not very widely available and can be purchased from the Children’s Diabetes Foundation at Denver.

When I read the book while we were waiting for our pump to get insurance approval, I was able to download it in PDF format. The downside is that the files are individual chapters, but that’s okay because I read it from my phone on a camping trip while my then two-year-old took naps. You can download the electronic resource in PDF format from Colorado State Publications Library Digital Repository. You can read it on your computer or from a device, but it is protected from printing out.

For me this book was the perfect amount of information–not too little, not too much–to get me prepared to start the insulin pump and demystify basal rates, the risk associated with DKA with regard to the pump, etc.

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1 Kerry January 12, 2011 at 7:37 am

The facility my daughter goes to is the Barbara David Center where Dr. Chase practices. It is a wonderful diabetes education center that really promotes patient education and control. Dr. Chase spoke at our pump orientation class, he is very knowledgeable and forward thinking. I would recommended anything that comes of out this clinic or its Doctors.


2 Leighann January 12, 2011 at 2:33 pm

Great endorsement! Thanks, Kerry.


3 Stephanie January 12, 2011 at 7:38 am

Thanks, Leigh! My neighbor is T1D (adult) and you just totally reminded me that she has that book…I’m going to go borrow it today. ((hugs))

And yes….Pumping Insulin will definitely put you to sleep at 2am. Heck, it will work at 3pm if ya need a nap. 🙂


4 Leighann January 12, 2011 at 2:34 pm

Ooh, excellent!

Good luck on your pump start. I hope my post (directed at you) today helped 🙂


5 Wendy January 12, 2011 at 11:49 pm

I’ve read Pumping Insulin and Smart Pumping — it was about 4 years ago, but I found them both helpful.


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