{Diabetes} Update From Abbott On Freestyle Test Strips For The OmniPod PDM

by Leighann on April 24, 2014

(This post is informational and not an endorsement for any of the products mentioned. They are the products we use, so I thought I would pass along the info.)

If you use the Abbott Freestyle test strips in the OmniPod PDM, here is an update I received from Jessica Sachariason, Public Affairs Manager, about the recent recall:

“Later this week Abbott will begin sending out letters updating the OmniPod customers who have called in to get replacement strips on how to obtain their next supply of test strips. The replenishment of the non-impacted test strips have been in progress. And we’re pleased to report that the majority of major pharmacies, suppliers, and mail-order locations have received the updated lots of test strips. The letters are an effort to continue to keep the customer informed on how to obtain their next supply of test strips, and to ensure there is no interruptions with their daily diabetes management routine.”

There is the updated FAQs posted on their website.

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