World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange

by Leighann on October 17, 2011

Join me this week for a few PSA’s about ways to raise awareness, raise money, and find support.

World Diabetes Day Postcard

You may know Lee Ann Thill of the Butter Compartment for her work organizing the annual Diabetes Art Day and inspiring us to get creative.

Lee Ann has come up with another plan to help people with diabetes feel more connected and less alone:

The World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange

She will pair you up with another PWD, CWD, D-Mom, or D-Dad who you will exchange snail mail addresses with…that’s right, real mail. You create a postcard that incorporates the blue circle which is the symbol for WDD. You fill out a meme to let the other person know a little more about you. And you pop it in the mailbox.

For those wanting to share the postcards they create, she will have a gallery of images like she had for Diabetes Art Day.

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