Where You’ll Find Me: November

by Leighann on November 29, 2012

Kids First Diabetes Second Book

Other Places You’ll Find Me

Easing the Worries I talk about two very common concerns parents of children with diabetes have: could we have prevented diabetes and internalizing blood sugars and A1c’s as a grade.

Read Easing the Worries on Sanofi’s The DX.

Pump Anniversary: Celebrating Freedom I share why, after three years of using an insulin pump, I don’t think we’d go back to injections willingly.

Read Pump Anniversary: Celebrating Freedom on Insulet OmniPod’s Suite D.

Travel Tips for Families with Diabetes Here is an excerpt of my book Kids First, Diabetes Second sharing some travel tips that might come in handy over the holidays.

Read Travel Tips for Families with Diabetes on the Spry Wellness Blog.

Kids First, Diabetes Second

If you’d like to learn more about the book, you can read more on the Kids First, Diabetes Second book page. And if you do read it and find it to be a valuable resource, I would greatly appreciate if you could write a review on any of the online retail sites. Thanks!

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